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Broken parking meters in St. John’s? We need fixes, not fines

The City of St. John’s says people who park at damaged parking meters for more than two hours will soon be ticketed. – Joe Gibbons
I heard and read on several news outlets this morning about St. John’s city council’s decision to ticket people who park at broken meters. As someone who often frequents downtown, this news is very concerning to me, especially as we enter the Christmas shopping season.

Daley’s double talk on parking meters

Mayoral candidate William “Bill” Daley gave two Chicago newspapers opposing opinions of his brother Richard’s most detested deed as Chicago’s mayor: selling the city’s parking meter operations to a private firm for comparative peanuts then quickly blowing all the proceeds. The firm sent parking rates sky-high and now rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars.

Oxford Square Parking Meters Bring in $800K

If the crowds of people walking around the downtown Square in Oxford on any given day, or the number of times cars loop around looking for parking spaces weren’t enough of an indication of the popularity of the downtown Square, the annual parking meter revenue report presented Friday makes it clear.


Lack of bandwidth can bring your on-street parking operations to its knees

Consider the problem. When pay by plate/space machines communicate with your office, they use the same communications systems as your cell phone (Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, etc). I’m sure you have experienced a situation where you phone works fine at some times and doesn’t at others. That usually happens when the system is deluged with folks calling, texting, and searching google. It simply isn’t built to handle every phone working at the same time.



Bloomfield Will Try Out ‘Pay-By-Plate’ Parking

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — Bloomfield is primed for a test run of “pay-by-plate” parking beginning Tuesday, May 1, town officials say.
On May 1, Bloomfield Township will begin a 90-day trial period of parking pay stations in the heart of its downtown area, a move that is expected to save time and money for municipal parking enforcers, officials said.


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