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Big changes may be coming to the way metered parking is priced on the streets of Vancouver.

City staff want councillors to approve next week a “data-driven program” that would help set curbside parking rates as high or low as needed to make sure just one or two spaces per metered block are left empty. Some spots could have different day and evening rates under the proposed system.
If the plan is approved, staff would begin by rounding hourly metered parking rates across the city to the nearest whole dollar. That means all $1.50 and $2.50 meters would become $2 and $3 meters.

Here comes a tale of technology.

Sometimes technology is good, sometimes it’s bad, and other times, it’s confusing.

The tech confusion, in this case, started with a self-pay parking fee kiosk. And it led to questions about why the state’s municipal courts don’t use technology to lower the number of court appearances by ticketed drivers who want to plead not guilty.

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