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There are two types of markets for parking in Washington DC: the private market, which tends to charge what the market will bear, and the government, which charges a price that’s deemed to be “fair” and “non-exploitative” to the constituents in residential areas. How’s that working out for everyone?

Over the past few years, seven San Francisco neighborhoods have served as a testing ground for SFpark, an SFMTA-initiated project that adjusts parking meter prices based on the time of the day and the day of the week.
Originally piloted with 25 percent of the city’s parking meters, SFpark’s demand-responsive pricing will roll out to the rest of San Francisco’s parking meters early next year—including in the Castro.

Phoenix is increasing the amount of “user-friendly” parking meters offered in downtown Phoenix, officials said.
Phoenix Director of Street Transportation Ray Dovalina gave the City Council on Wednesday details on the improvements — which have been in development since 2012 — from which users could benefit.

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