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Are in-car payments innovative? The payments industry loves to throw around the word innovation. We hear it so much that some of us have a hard time determining whether a product is a breakthrough that will alter this particular corner of the market and bring true upheaval with it. At least that’s how I view things at times.

Smart homes and autonomous vehicles are the public face of the connected world, but they are just one part of a bigger picture … the smart city.
As the number of people who live in urban areas increases, there is a consensus that addressing the challenges of tomorrow is best served by starting today. The United Nations has predicted that the global population will hit 9.7 billion in 2050, with the majority of those living in cities. The utopian vision is that these cities will leverage data, technology and innovation to make life more comfortable for its residents … a vision that has every chance of being a reality.

Beginning next week the DDA will replace the circa-1950 meters throughout the district with smart meters. The new meters will accept coins and credit cards for the 50-cents-an-hour fee. Officials say the meters are designed to be intuitive and will guide the user through the transaction.

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