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Albuquerque’s midblock parking pay stations are in such bad shape that more than half weren’t even accepting payment at one point this year, auditors at City Hall say. And the city doesn’t have adequate controls in place to ensure that no one steals the money when pay stations do accept cash, auditors said.

Last week, Wilmington City Council voted to add 132 on-street parking spots in the area, which will be regulated beginning June 1. As northern downtown, which is also home to the Wilmington Convention Center, Port City Marina and the new CFCC Humanities and Fine Arts Center, continues to develop, city staff suggested the additional parking regulations.

People parking in the resort will be able to use the app for each of the city’s 1,800 on- or off-street parking spaces, and will also be able to pay by calling a toll-free number on green meter stickers. Chief Financial Officer Frank Donato said Monday, May 2 that the app is expected to launch in Ocean City this weekend.

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