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Change: It’s an unavoidable and constant part of the human condition, and that applies to parking in Ithaca.
Of course, if you are a member the target demographic for this special section, a newcomer to this fair vale, you wouldn’t know how things used to be when it came to parking a car. So feel free to use this handy guide to figure out how to most effectively complain about or praise how parking is in Ithaca right now.

Albuquerque’s midblock parking pay stations are in such bad shape that more than half weren’t even accepting payment at one point this year, auditors at City Hall say. And the city doesn’t have adequate controls in place to ensure that no one steals the money when pay stations do accept cash, auditors said.

Lots of people do lots of complaining about parking Downtown.

New condos, apartments and restaurants are depleting parking spaces, they say. It’s too much of a hassle to drive Downtown anymore, they grumble. Even the occasional reference to Chicago-style congestion can be heard.

A new study suggests they should get over it.

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