Meter Removal Causes Binghamton Parking Confusion

Recent changes in the payment system have caused problems for some people parking on downtown Binghamton streets.

People who park on downtown streets now get a receipt when they pay at a kiosk.

Several hundred parking meters have been taken out and replaced with electronic kiosks.

While the new payment devices seem to be operating as expected, the lack of individual meters has confused drivers who in many cases have not been using designated parking spaces.

On most streets, pavement markings have worn away, making it difficult or impossible for vehicle operators to figure out where they should park.
Some drivers who park on downtown streets have complained about the lack of clearly designated spaces since the kiosks were installed.

This week, city public works crews have started applying new markings to fix the problem.

The first few parking kiosks were installed last September. About 50 more devices were put in March.

Mayor Richard David said applying fresh pavement markings was delayed until temperatures were warm enough for the paint that used for the process.

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