Some dislike Niagara Falls’ new solar parking meters

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) — About 40 solar powered parking meters have popped up around the City of Niagara Falls – effectively turning free parking spots into paid ones. Depending on the season, you could pay as much as $3 an hour.

Some people say it’s the fee is just too much. Some say that a handful of the machines don’t work. On top of those complaints, the machines appear to only offer instructions in English, which is a potential problem considering that Niagara Falls is an international tourist destination.

Bill Pichcuskie, of Niagara Falls, said, “I live a few blocks away, so I don’t have to park here or utilize them, but if I was a visitor I would definitely hesitate about using them.”

Wes Partrich, of Niagara Falls, said, “Three dollars? Not good, not good…”

But no matter how people feel about the new meters, they’re already installed and drivers will be required to use them.

News 4 caught up with Mayor Paul Dyster back in March, regarding the meters and the choice to install them.

“We’re getting more and more visitors every year in downtown Niagara Falls, that means we have to use our parking resources wisely. It also means all these years we haven’t been charging on the street down there, we’ve frankly been leaving money on the table,” said Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster.

News 4 tried to reach Mayor Dyster on Friday night, but he was not available.

A representative from Dyster’s office did say the meter system is ahead of schedule, and the city council needs to enact an enforcement plan.

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